8 Mar 2012

Louis Vuitton // FW12

I have also this time been lucky to be off at the time where Louis Vuitton stream their show live, and I will say that I this time was more blown away than I have ever been. That train and all the luggage-men totally took my breath.
I am so into the big bags with glitter - Not that I would ever find a way to use it, but Oh I just want to own it..! And something else that makes my eyes sparkle is that the collection reminds me of Boardwalk Empire, I have no idea if that was on Marc Jacobs mind, but I see some references with the hats, big collars, and just the cut of the jackets. Maybe that is what makes me like the collection even more.. Wup, and the pants under dresses again!
Photos; The Sartorialist


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