31 Mar 2012

30032012 // Beaver Projects

Friday night I meet up with friends at Beaver Projects and later we got some beers at Byens Kro. Cosy cosy evening.
At first it was a bit warm when I went to work, but as the night came I was very happy that I had chosen to put on the Céline knit - together with that Dries van Noten scarf, Lee jeans and Louis Vuitton boots.

Hello Hong Kong

So we checked in at Hong Kong Marco Polo - OMG!! We stayed at "The Continental Club" - means the top floor, with lounge (read: free bar.. hehe), BIG rooms and a view over the city harbour… everything was so amazing. The rooms, the service and the atmousfhere. I will recommend all you guys to book that hotel if you wanna to stay at an extraordinary hotel. So after we unpacked we went to Hermes, our next-door neighbor, how amazing for freaks like us, hehe.. we had to wait in line, never tried that before. Of course, like all the other stores, they had no stock. After shopping around, we went for dinner at a private club, traditional chinese food, with a large group of people. Nice, but what was even nicer, after the dinner the chauffeur drove us around in the hills, to see Hong Kong. It was so nice, to see the big city from the top of the hills. I love this city, better come back sooooon again.


We went for lunch at Sentosa. How Lovely! The harbour is so pretty. Before we went for lunch, we stopped by some friends house. They just have the most amazing home at the bay. Wouldn't we all just love to have this view everyday.

30 Mar 2012

Pink leopard

It's after midnight here in Singapore, just got back after three days in HONG KONG - FUN! but anyway this was the outfit I was wearing the day before we left for HK.. LORD I'm tired now, we are going back to Copenhagen tomorrow.. and I'm so not ready to go home yet. Luckily I'm going to London Tuesday to visit my beloved friend. 
Wearing: H&M top+pants, Marni at H&M necklace and Hermes shoes.


29032012 // The Avant/Garde Diaries

After Nag I meet up with Lulu and went to Mercedes-Benz, The Avant/Garde Diaries. Oh, what an amazing event; It was a mix of performance and food. Fantastic taste sensations with all these small dishes, good wine and last but not least very cool with all the small islands of stages. It was quite dark all the time, so I am sorry - I don't have any pictures. But I don't really have to say that I was a bit blown away..
I was casual for the night; H&M shirt, Marni//H&M necklace, Provider leather-pants and Louis Vuitton shoes.

I want // Lala Berlin

Yesterday I was at a reception at Lala Berlin, and look what I found.. This shirt would do me good. Love the pockets are dripping a bit.

28 Mar 2012

28032012 //

Meeting late today - Yes yes, it sounds like I never really work.. On my way I was at Holly Golightly, to try on the Proenza Schouler sandals that I have been staring at for a while now.. Oh and they were just a fantastic on as I thought.
Dressed in Dries van Noten jacket, Marni//H&M dress, Ann Demeulemeester necklace, PRAG bracelet, Tiger of Sweden jeans and Pedro Garcia shoes.

Santigold // Disparate Youth

Well, I could very much indite like go on a little jungle trip just as this one... Turn up the radio every time the song is on!


Press // Cover magazine

I just received the new Cover magazine yesterday, and saw this picture of us that was taken at the Marni//H&M shopping night. Note the wallet that Nilia is caring; it is a present from her cousin he brought home from Thailand. And I, btw, sent my best to Helena Lundquist for caching the best side of me - I will not say that I was the best looking that day, she made wonders. Hehe

Botanic garden

we had the chauffeur to bring us to Singapore Botanic Garden at 9 am!! but it was worth getting up for. The colors was amazing, and the whole garden was beautiful done. It was nice getting a short break from the city life. The good thing about getting up early, is that the day feels soooo long, so we had plenty of time to do other things.

27 Mar 2012

Singapore TURF CLUB

We went to see a race the other day at Singapore Turf clubs - we had a private box, so we of course also had the best view. unfortunately it was raining quite heavy so we couldn't go and say "hello" to the horses.

I want // Spon Diogo

Another thing a saw at my coffee date with Samantha, was this top from Spon Diogo - that could fit so perfect into my closet, maybe with a wide pair of trousers.. I think it is so cool with the transparent sides.

27032012 // out and about

Just after posting the fist picture, my dear friend Lulu called and invited me on a walk, Oreo's and cookies in the sun.. To the outfit now added - Provider jacket, H&M pants and Zara boots.


I'm so behind with my posts.. hehe - sorry guys, so much to do here. I just want to show you my super cool new ZARA tee. It's only 129 DKK and how fab is the skull back.
..and the pool - do I need to say more than: AMAZING!!

26 Mar 2012


After "the turf club" we had dinner at KU DE TA at Marina bay Sands - WOW best view and best food I have had in a while. MY GOD it was nice.
wearing: H&M top+skirt, Hermes shoes and Celine bag.

Singapore day 2

So yesterday we started the day at the pool just outside our bedroom - how nice is that?!
We had a beautiful lunch with friends in a private room, seven or eight dished with all kind of yummy chinese food. After that we went shopping and for afternoon tea at paragon (don't you guys get hungry just by looking at the cakes.. Hehe). We ended the day with champagne, dinner and long good conversations.
Now; we are at the pool again.
Wearing; shawl+bag+shoes is Hermes, H&M pants and top.


25 Mar 2012

Destination Singapore via Dubai..

The last day have been quite crazy. We travelled from Copenhagen to Singapore via Dubai(where the pictures are taken).
Singapore is such a beautiful city; light, clean (!) and the shopping - MY LORD!! Now we are at the pool, it's nine am. and the garden is just beautiful. We are staying a friends place - and what a place!! Never seen anything like it before. Well well better go, need to fresh up before breakfast.
Wearing: Hermes bag+knit, GEOX shoes and H&M jeans.


When Saints Go Machine ft. Coco O // Hos Mig Igen

Music at my place this sunday afternoon..


23 Mar 2012

V1 // Andrew Schoultz

Yesterday I was a V1, where I saw these. Andrew Schoultz had worked with acrylic on old cobber etching, and some of these were as old as from the 1700. Very cool with his monster, that also was painted all over the wall. And so cool to go into the details and see where the differences between new and old were.