31 Mar 2012

Hello Hong Kong

So we checked in at Hong Kong Marco Polo - OMG!! We stayed at "The Continental Club" - means the top floor, with lounge (read: free bar.. hehe), BIG rooms and a view over the city harbour… everything was so amazing. The rooms, the service and the atmousfhere. I will recommend all you guys to book that hotel if you wanna to stay at an extraordinary hotel. So after we unpacked we went to Hermes, our next-door neighbor, how amazing for freaks like us, hehe.. we had to wait in line, never tried that before. Of course, like all the other stores, they had no stock. After shopping around, we went for dinner at a private club, traditional chinese food, with a large group of people. Nice, but what was even nicer, after the dinner the chauffeur drove us around in the hills, to see Hong Kong. It was so nice, to see the big city from the top of the hills. I love this city, better come back sooooon again.

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