30 Apr 2012

Bill Cunningham

I have been very fascinated by this old man, who I now have seen with his camera on several pictures on different fashion blogs, but never known who was. Now even more fascinated; I now know that he has been a street fashion photographer, before that even was fashion. I will not be able to be at CPH:DOX event on Wednesday, but I will for sure see the documentary at some point.


26042012 // Lanvin evening

Very cozy evening thursday at the Lanvin store. And afterwards I meet with Anne at Vesterbro for a couple of beers.. Lovely night. I was wearing my Vintage blouse, Joseph leather pants, Louis Vuitton boots.

27 Apr 2012

26042012 // fringe dress

I LOVE my dress from Zara !! Got it in London a couple of weeks ago. I think it's super nice with heels.. but also with flat sandals in summertime.
Anyway this was my outfit for the Lanvin event.. hope you like it.


Last night Lanvin and Cover hosted an amazing event. It was such a lovely evening. We were around 160 guests and the atmosphere was lovely.
Malene Malling, publisher and editor, held a great speak about Lanvin, the design and the univers. It gave a very good impression of the house.
Lanvin in Copenhagen is the first store in scandinavia - and one of the fastest growing fashionbrands in the world.
Go and pay the store a visit, it´s really beautiful and the staff are super kind.
Psssttt.. the beautiful bag on the last picture all the guests of the night have a chance to win, cross your fingers for us!!

26 Apr 2012

24042012// Christianshavn

The other day with Nilia; I was a very weather and who dosen't like to be at the sea side at Christianshavn I was wearing; Rick Owens jacket, Cos dress and Balenciaga boots.

25 Apr 2012

NEW // PICO bracelets

How cool are these bracelets? PICO just got them, love love love the colors!! I wanna wear them all spring and summer. You should go and pay the store at Grønnegade or østerbrogade a visit - the collections are absolutely brilliant.
The leather piece is by Hermes

24 Apr 2012

24042012 // the day without a jacket

WUP WUP.. first day without a jacket (… yeah yeah I know I'm wearing a super heavy knit - but still NO jacket). I picked up my phone at Christianshavn today; THANK GOD!! I have been without since I left it in London two weeks ago, I know, crazy right!?
So the sun has been nice and warm day, finally after all the rain lately. Now I'm working, just a bit, got the new RUM and I promised to translate an interview to english for our press office in Brussels (apparently not many there reads danish.. hehe) - Oh and we have a super exciting event tomorrow at work. Until then, take care.
wearing: PICO boots, Zara jeans, good old handmade knit from grandma and Alexander Wang sunnies.


VOYAGE d'Hermes

This is my new favorite perfume - YUM YUM it's good.. delicate, spicy and elegant. Hermes I love you.

23 Apr 2012

22042012 // Dancing in the rain

It was raining more or less all day, sunday! MY GOODNESS!! I spent my day with Maria-Ethilia and a lot of coffee. Very cozy. Like I told you guys yesterday, my week is super busy, better get started. I will fill you in later. See ya.
wearing: H&M jacket and belt, Lee jeans, GEOX shoes and MiuMiu bag.

22 Apr 2012

21042012 // yellow spring

Are you enjoying the weekend?? I am. I worked a lot of hours this week, so it's super nice to have the day off today. I went out for drinks after work yesterday, which was really great and needed. Next week is gonna be crazy busy, but only with good projects and events, so I'm very excited!!
BTW I feel a bit fake in the yellow "easter" happy spring dress, since Copenhagen is so cold and cloudy still!! Please give us some sun sooooooon - THANKS!
wearing: H&M dress+necklace, Alexander Wang sunnies and LANVIN booties.

21 Apr 2012

I want // Proenza Schouler sandals

I have bee home in bed now for a week sick. OMG I am so tired of it. So in the mean time I will show you this pair of sandals that I am totally crazy about. They are from Proenza Schouler and you can buy them at Holly Golightly.

16 Apr 2012

15042012 // Malmø

I spent my sunday in Malmo, Sweden, my cousin bought an apartment there. I have never been in Malmo before, which is weird since I moved to Copenhagen seven years ago and Malmo id only 30 minutes from Cph. Anyway, it was nice, looked a lot like Denmark.. and since we were there, we went to see the Turning Torso building. Today I'm back in Copenhagen, working, but it was nice to go out of town for once at a Sunday.
wearing: H&M pants, Nowhere shoes, Celine bag and Noir jacket.

14 Apr 2012

13042012 //

Had a really nice evening with Nilia at an Irish pub. God what good beers, and god it was nice to see her again. It ended up being a bit late, and a very long work-day for me yesterday.
I was for the first time wearing the new Zara shirt, together with a pair of Lee jeans and a pair of Prada shoes. Paired outdoor with a new fur that my mum have given to me, and my Louis Vuitton bag.

13042012 // tropics

Maybe it was a bit over the top to wear these pants in the rain yesterday.. But hey, on the other hand, sometimes everything just gets so grey when it's raining. I haven't seen Maria-Ethilia in forever, so we were catching up on life yesterday, which was quite nice. We went to my new favorite pub, which is soooo small and cozy. Well well I will get back to work now - wish you guys a fantastic weekend. wearing: Zara pant=shoes, Rabens Saloner scarf and mummys old jacket (sorry mum if you have been looking for it)

10 Apr 2012

See ya London

I'm leaving London today after a week here. It has indeed been lovely and cozy here. I have seen a lot as usual, but I must say after after Singapore and Hong Kong I haven't had the same energy as I normally do. I hate to leave Martin, and all the other amazing people I have met here, but on the other hand I'm so looking forward to go back to work tomorrow. Anyway, last day here, flying out tonight, better not spend it here in front of the computer. See ya in Copenhagen, for the first time in a while.
Thanks guys for making this trip great!
Shoes: Kurt Geiger

9 Apr 2012

09042012 // Dinner out tonight

Tonight my friend Lulu is cooking a roast for me, can’t wait. Lulu is always so sweet to invite for dinner, and I am always so happy to come. It is the last day of the easter-break, and then I have one more day off tomorrow. I will have to say that I am starting to be to lazy now, so a good thing that it is soon back to work. As you can see laziness. Still wearing the Vintage shirt, well it is vacation. And that together with my big Vintage knit, Forever21 jeans and a pair of Louis Vuitton boots.

Sunday in Covent Garden

Ohh we where a bit tired after a fantastic saturday night at Cirque du Soir. So we went for a burger (again!! I know), which was so good. I really like Covent Garden and all the small streets. A lot of the stores was closed, but i managed to get myself a new nail polish from American Apparel - totally COOL, I will show it to you guys later.
Of course we had ice-cream at Scoop - I just looooove it there. Mmm.. and totally cosy we ended the day at a friends place with a film and good conversations.