5 Apr 2012

New shirt // Zara

Omg, Easter break - Have been looking forward to that for long.. And I have one more day because I am off on Tuesday.. Yay.. - Today I have been in bed most of the day with a fever - That is so typical when you are off.. And yesterday my kiosk-guy either flirting with me or in his own way was telling me that I had to have a boyfriend to even consider going outside in a pyjamas.. The story of my life.
Well well, I want to show you the shirt that I have just got.. I have been staring at this picture of Elin Kling for long, but could not decide if I could live with the fact that it is not that long, and thereby not that BoHo.. In the end I bought it, of cause in a size bigger.. And I am really looking forward to wearing it..

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