31 Jan 2012

31012012 //

Uhhh it's cold today.. My Lord! I have been off work today and spent my day with sweet Sabine.
Tomorrow Copenhagen fashion week starts - maybe I should find out what to wear.
Mavi jeans, zara booties, h&m belt and grandmummy knit.

31012012 // Total Laziness

It is like I can't get myself to do anything. I am walking around in my apartment with my grandfather's old shirt - btw best shirt ever, and kind of sexy on a girl as well, if you ask me..
As you maybe can see, my hair is just as long as yesterday. My hairdresser called me in the afternoon and asked me to go tonight instead, so he could go to the Lauren Hill concert.. Well, just need the haircut for the fashion week, which is starting tomorrow, so it was okay.

New skirt // Ann Demeulemeester - On sale

Just call me shopaholic, I know.. And the worst part is that this is not the last thing that I have bought or will buy for that case. I have for a long time kept myself away from skirts, and just stocked to dresses. But every summer I see Malene Malling with a nice, but casual silk skirt together with a cotton tee, and every time I have envied her for that look. I have also through all my time in Storm, looked at all the Ann Demeulemeester skirts to get this look, but never found one that really fit me - Until I tried this one on, and yay it was on sale..
This one has the perfect fit, and will be perfect for my effortless look that I will try to work more on..
Love the small detail that makes it more than just a plain skirt

30 Jan 2012

30012012 //

It is so funny - Well maybe not for me.. The new camera that we have got, has more details than the old on, and it gives me some problems.. So today's picture is with effect. Haha..
Re-found my Marc Jacobs shirt, I do have a little H&M skirt on, and then my new Zara boots.. Really nice with the little detail.. Think they will be on my feet's the whole fashion week. BTW, Is getting a haircut tonight.. Yay..

Block-colour vs. Print

I was wearing this outfit (+ black tights) the other day in Paris. We went out for a lovely dinner in Marais. I didn't had my camera on me, so the pictures is from last week. But I kind of like the colour mix with the print.
Zara top and booties and H&M skirt.

29 Jan 2012

New Boots // Zara - On sale

I am at this moment obsessed with the thought of getting a pair of boots in style with the black Zara, and bordeaux Isabel Marant that Nilia has. On my hunt for at pair like them I found these on sale in Zara, and for only 200. We saw them first time in New York when they first came out. At that point I thought they were to much like the Céline collection, but now for this price it was not that important. Unfortunately still on hunt for a black pair of boots, with a big opening around the ankle and with a pointy toe.

27 Jan 2012

I want to be just as casual

Some times I just want to be casual like the girl in the picture, and still look fab. Don't know how she have done it so effortless.  Can't take my eyes of her blue fur, want to experiment with a look like that..
Picture from The Sartorialist.


26 Jan 2012

A little something with light

I saw this fantastic lamp on a walk an evening in Paris. I always master to take a walk down Rud de Seine, with all the fantastic gallery's and there are some fantastic furniture stores as well. And here I saw this lamp.

25 Jan 2012

25012012 // Knit and silk

Trying out the Alexander Wang look with the knit and silk together. But instead of fine high heels, I have put on heavy boots.
My old Dico knit, underneath a Ann Demeulemeester dress and boots from her as well.

Metronomy // The Look

I have been browsing around on the Louis Vuitton facebook-page and saw the video for the cruise collection. Here this song that was playing along. There are a fantastic lightness to the melody that reminds me of summer. Oh i miss summer!


Louis Vuitton men's // In details

I will have to say that I some times are so very crazy with the men's wear, and how very detailed it is, in it's simplicity. One of the men's collections that I always check out is from Louis Vuitton, and specially after Kim Jones became the designer. Just look at these picture, how delicate details and fantastic materials.
Picture from the Louis Vuitton facebook page.


24 Jan 2012

24012012 // a bit of snow

I have the day of today, and I can tell you that my collages thinks that I am too much off.. It have been a relaxing day with catching up on TV-series and enjoying my self. The weather have been beautiful, but please not let the snow stay to long!
After taking these picture I realised that I today are all about H&M, with wearing it almost from head to toe. H&M turtleneck, blazer and pants, my Vintage fur that I bought at PRAG and Marni boots.

Detail // red

How is denmark?? Paris is FAB! didn't brought my camera for work.. Only my IPad. But I just want to give you a sneakpeek of my new red trousers. Well I better start to do some work now.


23 Jan 2012

New Bag // Louis Vuitton

I am now back in Denmark - A bit sat that Nilia and I crossed each other. This time in Paris I have been a good girl and only came home with one thing... Maybe that was because all the things that I liked not was in my size..
Well well, I bought this little thing. A very flat cocktail-bag - But it can actually contain a whole lot without looking to stuffed. It is in the Monogram Vernis collection from Louis Vuitton, and in the Amarante colour. I have loved that colour since the first day I saw it. Normally I am not to crazy about having the monogram all over, but on this bag it is perfect because it gives a little twist to the otherwise very plain bag.

22012012 // Buyer's dinner outfit

These days I'm working in Paris. Tonight I went out for a dinner with a lot of people from all over the the world. The invitation said: cocktail party, casual wear. So this is what I went for; Zara pants, H&M top, Prada shoes, Lanvin ankel cuffs and Hermes jewellery.

22 Jan 2012

21012012 // A Day in Paris

We were walking a lot all day, this was what I had on; Noir fur, H&M Blazer, Acne tee, Joseph leather-pants, Haider Ackermann boots and Louis Vuitton bag

A Day in Paris //

My friend Marco came from Belgium to Paris and meet up with me for the day.
First we where at Espace Culturel - Louis Vuitton.
Here there were an exhibition with sound and senses was in at center. 
We were suppose to go to the top of the Eiffel tower, but the queue was to long.
Instead we took a spin in the ferris wheel.
The starter that we had on Bon (also a restaurant designed by Philippe Stack)

Do I need flats?

So I'm packing for Paris.. and suddently it hit me - do I need flats in Paris?? He he.. Hmm maybe just a pair. Think it's gonna be my Céline's.


21 Jan 2012

20012012 // Mama Shelter

At the Mama Shelter I was wearing; Acne tee,H&M pants, and Prada shoes. Just as Nilia, I was on the H&M sale where you get nice things for almost no money. So the green pants was a hit, and with a bit of sparkle.

Out with the boys // Mama Shelter

Yesterday I went out with Frederik from Euroman, Daniel from Swedish Cafe, and the boys from Pede & Stoffer. They are staying at Mama Shelter where we meet up. It is a fantastic hotel designed by Philippe Stack, and it all took place at their pizza restaurant, and later the bar.
Frederik Lentz Andersen and Daniel Lindström
Kent Rau Madsen and Hannes Wellander

20 Jan 2012

19012012 //

I was feeling like sleeping beauty last night, and went to bed in an hour where it too embarrassing to tell. This a snapshot of me from yesterday - I am trying out some of the new Louis Vuitton accessories. I am actually bedazzled, and I love it..
Otherwise I am only wearing a plane H&M shirt and a pair of Tiger of Sweden jeans.

18 Jan 2012

New knit // Céline - On sale

Wauw, it have been a long day.. I am now sitting in my hotel-room in Paris, happy but tiered.
I will just show you my second sales buy. This knit is also one thing that I have been craving since it came in Storm, but with a price in the skies it could not be mine until it was on sale. A bit patient and a good old colleague to put a side when it was a my price, and then it was in my collection.
I was so funny, after I had bought it, I asked two of my male colleagues if it nice.. They looked at me and said; well, it is very you. Haha, suppose not something that boys like - Big and fluffy.

17 Jan 2012

17012012 //

Sorry for the bad quality on the photos.. it was almost dark, when I found time to snap these.
I am wearing high-street head to toe today. I kind of like the mix of orange, gold and leopard.. normally I wear silver jewellery, but these cuffs I got myself for new years I really like.
Top+booties from Zara, H&M pants+cuffs, Gina Tricot belt.

Flower Power

It's my day off today. Had a lot to do.. Since I'm leaving for a business trip in Paris in the weekend. But I just had time to stop by H&M. Went "crazy" in colours.. It was hard not to, since each piece only cost 50 DKK.. and okay it is very Céline resort.


15 Jan 2012


Is it too early to dream about spring and sunny weather? Hmm.. Maybe maybe. But I miss the sun at the moment - that's why I'm planning a trip to a much warmer place, I will tell you more about that soon!! But can tell you that I'm sooooo excited about it.
Check out these Alexander Wang sandals. Can't decide if they are too sporty for my style, but there is something very very cool about them that is really appealing


I am dreaming of a -

magical place with unicorns... I broke my (well Nilia's) camera the other day and there by I can't take any pictures until I get a new one.. I will have to buy a new before I go to Paris in the middle of next week, but before that you will have to live with my dream land..
Now it is Sunday and I am having a nice relaxing time - Hope you all will have that as well.

12 Jan 2012

Lykke Li // Until We Bleed

Love the song, and love the movie.. I can't help being so fascinated with Edie, her style, her way of living and of course her tragedy.


Celine // Pre-Fall 2012

The first picture this is almost how I could look. I have a fur the looks alot like it.
The next picture is how I would like to look any day - Casual, but cool.
And last - Well, I would live in that coat.. Love the whole look..