30 Nov 2011

30112011 //

Meeting with a old friend tonight, that I haven't seen for a long time - and for that I am wearing; Marni top, Dries van Noten pants and Martin Margiela shoes.

New scarf and glows // Re-placing the lost

Saturday my Christmas party had the sacrifice that I lost all my out-door accessories - Scarf, glows and hat. So yesterday I payed a visit to Simons, along with all the other people who missed some things. I was positive and hoped that there was a chance that maybe one of the items was there - Of course they where not!
One of the tings I lost was my very nice black Faliero Sarti scarf, which was quit expensive. To be honest I didn't wanted to pay as much to get another black scarf, so I went to Stof2000, found a very nice black wool and got 1,5 m of it. It have almost the same structure as the old one, but costed only a small part of what I payed for the Faliero Sarti.
The glows is not sexy at all, but necessary in the winte-time on the bicycle - So I just bought the exact same from Gaucho that I have had the last few years.
Now I am again ready for the winther.


29 Nov 2011

Storm & Marie // Storage Sales

The perfect place to go, to get the perfect outfit...

29112011 // a little blue

After the release of the new collaboration between Marni and H&M I felt like wearing my blue shirt with white dots that I got from my grandmother. It is not something that I put on every day, but it is nice for once in a while, and it reminds me a bit about something that Marni could have made in pattern.

Dries van Noten scarf, Vintage shirt, Forever21 jeans and bracelet, Ann Demeulemeester boots.


Zara dress // Tie dye

Yesterday I saw this on another blog - And now I really want this dress. It would be perfect for New Years. The style is actually the same as the green that I bought in New York - But oh, this one is black Tie dye, and I really want this one too.

29112011 // all about the collar

See what I found cleaning up my old stuff.. My old "diamant" necklace from H&M - I think it works well with a boring white shirt. Guess I should use it more, it is a good little detail.
Michael Kors blazer, Hermes shirt, Lee jeans, YSL ring, Zara booties.

New underwear // H&M

I love classical underwear. Something that covers, is feminine in a kind of sweet way, and leaves something to the imagination. I found this dark blue sets in cotton but with sweet lace. Love..

Marni X H&M // Spring 2012

Omg Omg Omg - This I can't wait for.. I Love Marni, and to get it for H&M prices is just fantastic!


28 Nov 2011

New // GEOX loafers

Look what I got! Loafers - my first pair... YAY. First I wasn't a big fan of loafers, but now they have grown on me.
So saturday I worked with the new GEOX store at købmagergade in cph.. Totally different to my normal job. But I was quite surprised with the brand. The shoes are so compy and there was a lot of great styles in the flat models. I even put my name down for the one shown in the new Eurowoman.. Can't wait!! Until then I'm really happy with this one.

26112011 // Christmas Party

Here are my outfit from Saturday, and the Christmas party with work. We had a fantastic dinner at Skt. Gertruds Kloster, and afterparty at Simons. Unfortunately I was still a bit sick, and was on different medication - So together with wine and other alcohol it had to go a bit wrong. And so it did, I now have to re-buy the classical things to lose; glows and scarf. But apart for that, it was a lovely evening.

Acne shirt, Haider Ackermann boots and Ann Demeulemeester necklace.

27 Nov 2011

27112011 // white tee

Sunday = work. Especially the next month. To be honest with the weather outside I would just love to stay in.. but okay I guess that I would find that boring after one or two days.
Hey I really like my new t-shirt, it's a 'Zara man' in crispy white with 3/4 sleeves, my sweet friend Martin gave it to my last week.
Btw yesterday I worked with GEOX, I need to show you guys tomorrow what I got there.
Jeans from Dr. denim, Zara tee, Prada pumps and my new dramatic lipstick by MAC.

Emma Cook // knit-print

I saw this silk dress in London. It's by Emma Cook. I think it's so cool!! The idea with a knit print is great and fun for daily wear. I would just love to have it in my clothes.
See more at: emmacook.co.uk
Source: netaporter.com

Dries van Noten // Mens store Paris

I am dreaming about Paris and it made me reminisce on when I was there this summer and visited the Dries van Noten store. I am specially crazy about the men´s store with red walls and chinese inspiration

26 Nov 2011

26112011 // silver

Godmorning guys.. Today I'm working, but that's totally fine, it's only until 4 pm.
I'm wearing a new silver top from H&M i got in London. It's very shiny, but I find the grey-ish colour quite nice.
Top+turtle from H&M, jeans forever 21 and booties from Zara.

25 Nov 2011

Daphne Guinnes // Short film

How can you not love her - She is fabulous in all her outfits and with her very calm attitude.

Daphne Guinness: Undressed on Nowness.com.



Oh oooooh!! Not again - Céline is amazing - that brand will cost me a lot of money I'm afraid of! I don't know why, maybe because the look is so simple.. and the colours are always hot.
This Luggage bag is a part of the SS12 collection, so I guess I have to wait a while if I want it.

24 Nov 2011

24112011 // printed pants

Sorry for the bad quality on the pictures.. Didn't had much time this morning.
Anyway.. I'm wearing my new printed pants fra Zara, I find them quite cool, although they are so different to everything I normally wear. I guess we all know that feeling that from time to time just want somthing new.
Pants and booties from Zara, tee fra H&M.

23 Nov 2011

A girls best friend!

Just got my first eyelash curler from Shu Uemura. It's a gift from Martin, thanks sweetheart.
It's amazing, it really gives my eyes a lift, and make me look more fresh. Love love love it already.. also found a face mousse I want from Shu, maybe I should give myself a early christmas gift.

22 Nov 2011

22112011 //

Today I had my day off - unfortunately I have been a little sick the last couple of days so as you can see I am wearing warm knits. I was however forced to go and exchange a dress, and then afterwards straight back to bed again - the hard life of a Shopaholic.
Hope that I will be ok tomorrow, or at least for the weekend where I am going for a Christmas party with my job.

Mads Nørgaard cardigan, Acne shirt, H&M knit pants and Ann Demeulemeester boots

Art // Ulrika Sparre

Last Thursday I was at the opening of Beaver Project, who now have moved into the city from Amager - Yay.. Here I really fell for the artist Ulrika Sparre and her photo-work. I love the idea of placing a billboard in the middle of no where, with quotes that have so much meaning.
I have no problems, just Plans
I am waiting for You!

Lana Del Rey // Video Games

Constantly on repeat.


21112011 //

Yesterday I was dressed quite simple. Skirt, ankle boots and my fur. Sorry guys you most be sick of looking at my fur - but it's cold here in London.
Skirt from Zara, boots from Fasciani and Hotel Particulier fur.

Postcard from London

Yesterday was Martin's birthday.. It was such a lovely day. We started the day with breakfast and champagne at Harvey Nichols, went shopping and had the biggest icecreme I have ever seen at Harrods. We ended the day with the most amazing dinner at The Wolseley and drinks on W hotel.
We have been to the most fab places the last week.
I going back home today, that I always hate.. Thanks for hospitality Love.

21 Nov 2011

VeroModa // Alexa Chung - Campaign

Normally I am not that much into Alexa Chung - But I will have to say that she is stunning in this Christmas campaign for VeroModa, and she is here all about my boho-style. I specially love that jacket that she is wearing. God I would love to have that.

20 Nov 2011

New // ZARA booties

Pretty right? Got them in ZARA Chelsea yesterday (thank you Martin).. I think they are so cool with either a dress or of more cool daily wear.