30 Nov 2011

New scarf and glows // Re-placing the lost

Saturday my Christmas party had the sacrifice that I lost all my out-door accessories - Scarf, glows and hat. So yesterday I payed a visit to Simons, along with all the other people who missed some things. I was positive and hoped that there was a chance that maybe one of the items was there - Of course they where not!
One of the tings I lost was my very nice black Faliero Sarti scarf, which was quit expensive. To be honest I didn't wanted to pay as much to get another black scarf, so I went to Stof2000, found a very nice black wool and got 1,5 m of it. It have almost the same structure as the old one, but costed only a small part of what I payed for the Faliero Sarti.
The glows is not sexy at all, but necessary in the winte-time on the bicycle - So I just bought the exact same from Gaucho that I have had the last few years.
Now I am again ready for the winther.


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