31 Jul 2011

Noma-food By Anne

At christmas Ethilia gave Anne and Arn the Noma-cookbook, and for good reasons. Last night Anne had been cooking - and we were so pleased.
Salmon-roe and smoked-cheese on rye-bread with chicken-skins 
Fantastic Anne Munnecke 
Raw shrimps with ribsgranité and dill-oil
H&M belt and shoes, Hermés bracelet 
Lulu Pierrel 
Tatar with sorrel, tarragon and juniper
Vintage dress/skirt and belt, Proenza Schouler shoes
Arn Kolding
Ox braised in dark-beer with apple-jelly and artichoke
Sophie Streyffert
Rhubarb-mousse and youghurtgranité, elderflower-meringue and flowers

New lingerie // from H&M

A little new to the lingerie-drawer and on budget.



Friday night we went to MODTAR for the exhibition of the summerschool of ANARK
Auluna jacket, Cos top, Victoria Beckham jeans and Zara shoes
Swash scarf, Diesel jacket, Dries van Noten dress, Louis Vuitton shoes and bag
Peter Møller Rasmussen, MODTAR projects

New pants // Balenciaga

I have like Forever been looking at these Balenciaga leather-pants, but knowing that they were way to expensive. So I was very happy to see that Holly Golightly had one pair left when they started sale, and that they were in my size. I love the embossing so the leather looks like lizard.


30 Jul 2011

Press // Cover magazine

We are in the new Cover magazine, at Poplift, representing at the Anika Lori Tote-bag // Cover x Master Card x Samsøe and Samsøe event. Nice picture - they have Unfortunatly misspelt the blog-name...

ethilianilia //anika-lori-tote-bag-cover-x-master-card

27 Jul 2011

My new wannabe

A friend of mine, knows that I've ordered a Hermes Kelly bag - but it will not arrive soon.. So he gave me this wannabe I can use in the meantime - funny!


Somebody To Love Me

I have for at long time loved this song, and came to think about again when they started playing it at work. I love the version with Boy George - But when I saw that there was a version only with the very hot Andrew Wyatt I could not resist to share.


26 Jul 2011

NEW // bordeaux jeans

My friend (with the most amazing wardrobe and taste) bought a pair of Victoria Beckham Denim jeans in bordeaux. The colour is just too cool - so I got a pair - the fit is perfect btw.