31 Jul 2011

Noma-food By Anne

At christmas Ethilia gave Anne and Arn the Noma-cookbook, and for good reasons. Last night Anne had been cooking - and we were so pleased.
Salmon-roe and smoked-cheese on rye-bread with chicken-skins 
Fantastic Anne Munnecke 
Raw shrimps with ribsgranité and dill-oil
H&M belt and shoes, Hermés bracelet 
Lulu Pierrel 
Tatar with sorrel, tarragon and juniper
Vintage dress/skirt and belt, Proenza Schouler shoes
Arn Kolding
Ox braised in dark-beer with apple-jelly and artichoke
Sophie Streyffert
Rhubarb-mousse and youghurtgranité, elderflower-meringue and flowers

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