29 Dec 2011

29122011 //

Oh my god it is so windy to day.. Nilia and I are preparing the New Years eve, busy, busy..
Wearing, Proenza Schouler blouse, H&M shirt, Joseph leather pants and Costume National shoes.

28 Dec 2011

Carey Mulligan // The Great Gatsby

Speaking of the 20'es, which have been a lot in my mind lately. For some reason it was just a couple a month ago that I for the first time saw the original version of The Great Gatsby. But seeing backstage pictures, it will not be that long until I see the new version. As I said I am crazy about the style, and can't wait to se Carey Mulligan in a new role. But I would also love to look like her at New Years eve.
Picture from Vs Magazine


27 Dec 2011

27122011 //

Last day of my christmas vacation. Tomorrow morning I'm flying back home to Copenhagen. I had a lovely lunch with my family today.. and as you can see the weather has perfect.
Nørgaard på strøget top, Victoria Beckham jeans, Isabel Marant booties and an old jacket.

New Art at Home // Anne Munnecke

My dear friend Anne have painted this picture and I bought from her a little while ago. I took it home the day after Christmas eve, but haven't yet found the perfect place for it. So for the moment it will be placed above all my magazines. I love love love how she works with the colours and all the layers that is to her pictures. This is actually a very special painting, because it is in oil, normally she only works with tush - So kind of a limited addition.

27122011 // Dinner plans

Tonight I am going to dinner with a friend and some of his friends that I haven't meet before, that is going to be exiting. Hopefully great dinner and company.

Wearing Cos shirt, Provider leather pants, Louis Vuitton shoes - In the background, as promised, my new candlesticks from Rolf.

Céline sunnies

My Grandmother gave me these Céline sunglasses for christmas. I really love them - it's the most beautiful blue colour and the shape is so cool.. Thanks!

26 Dec 2011

Christmas-present // Ear-rings

Christmas eve was fantastic at Anne´s and her parents. Good food, great company and coziness. I got some really nice presents. Two new Rolf candlesticks, that you will probably see at the outfit-pictures and then I got these ear-rings from Anne's sister and her husband. They are so beautiful in their simple design and just what I needed instead of all the studs that bought a one time. I can't wait to wear them..

Louis Vuitton animals by Billie Achilleos

It is so nice to have these couple of days off - Just browsing around, I came across these funny animals made by Billie Achillieos for Louis Vuitton. It is so funny to recognise the different products and spairparts in the animals. There are actually a hole Zoo, which was exhibited when the new Sidney store opened - these are my favourites.

26122011 //

Ok ok ok, I was not wearing these shoes all day - But I haven't had a chance to wear them yet and me in bare feet is also a bit boring.
Relaxing with a H&M shirt, Dries van Noten pants and Louis Vuitton shoes.

Christmas-present // Georg Jensen - Magic ring

Santa, I have been a good girl - Or.. I have made sure that I have been a good girl to myself. Here are my Christmas-preset form me to me..
I have given myself the Georg Jensen ring that I have been dreaming about for so long. The ring comes with a black rubber-band in the middle but I have exchanged it with the thin Helena Rohner ring that I bought a couple a month ago.. I really love the combo with the organic forms in both rings.

24 Dec 2011

24122011 // white christmas

Ready for tonight. I'm wearing white head to toe. Very christmas.. I hope.
H&M turtle+pants, Prada pumps and Hermès bracelet.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Merry Christmas - I'm at my parents. So cosy and lovely. I wish all of you a lovely evening.
H&M shirt, Victoria Beckham jeans and Isabel Marant booties


New // Isabel Marant booties

Christmas gift from me to me! Isabel Marant booties.. First I loved the pumps but in the end my craving for the booties was bigger.


Merry Christmas // with Christmas lights and tree

One thing that I Love around Christmas-time, and want to share at the last moment, is that is all the lights. Every year they put up this big Christmas-tree in the garden at my apartment and decorate it with candles. It is so beautiful when it is dark.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and hope that you will have a fantastic evening.

24122011 // Christmas Eve

On my way to Anne and her parents where I this year are spending my Christmas. It is so exiting that her small nieces are coming, it is the first year that I am spending it with small children..
To night I am wearing, Vintage top, H&M skirt, Louis Vuitton and Hermès bracelet.

23 Dec 2011

New Shirt // Cos

On my hunt for the last Christmas present it brought me to Cos. Here I found a little something for me. A nice oversizes shirt that I know that I will live in all summer, wop.. And it is very much in the style with the one on the Chanel catwalk from the other day - Now I just need all the necklaces.

I wish for Christmas // Diptyque - Ofrésia

The last Christmas-wist for this year. I am starting to run a bit low on my favourite perfume, so I would be very happy to see one of these under the three.

23122011 // Last work-day before Christmas

So finally it is the last day before Christmas eve, and the last day at work. I will have to say that I have looked forward to this day - so a bit nicer dressed.
Yesterday, on the last Christmas shopping I saw these pants on sale in H&M. I have them in blue which I bought in New York, and with this new good price I took a pair in black as well.
I have combined it with an old Marc by Marc Jackobs top.

22 Dec 2011

I need a NEW YEAR dress.

Hmm can't decide what I'm going for. The dresscode says shiny, glitter.. I wan't some sequin. But shall it be mini, midi or maxi?? Ideas?


I wish for Christmas // SNS knit - Dessin 678

I have wanted this knit for a few years now - and I cant really figure out why I haven't bought it yet. But ever sins I borrowed one a cold night from a friend of mine, I have dreamt about getting one myself. I am totally in to the pattering of the knit and that metal buttons. Of course it should be in an oversize version - just like I love it.

The Black Christmas Tree // Kiki Atmosfär

Monday I went to the exhibition The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog with Carstens Gade 4. I was totally crazy with the black Christmas tree hanging in its net, made by Kiki Atmosfär. The painting was amazing in its thick layer and it was beautiful with the small hints of the green.

21 Dec 2011

21122011 // Purple glitter

My mind is all about glitter, sequins and glam. Taking care of that with my vintage top, H&M skirt and Haider Ackermann boots.

I wish for Christmas // Louis Vuitton scarf - Stephen Sprouse

Every season Louis Vuitton comes up with some limited versions of the now classical Stephen Sprouse leopard scarf. I really like this disco version with the glitter, but it is not to much because of the white. I would rock this one.

Chanel // Pre-Fall 12

I am blown away by the pre-fall collection by Chanel. Love all the sequins, pearls and glitter. I will not take in all the Indian inspiration - but I will have to have one pair of the amassing sandals, and then I will have to get some more necklaces to bedazzle all my outfits. I would have loved to be at that dinner...
Pictures from style.com

20 Dec 2011

Framing the Boys // Jessica Yatrofsky photos

I have for a while had these photos by Jessica Yatrofsky, but have just now bought the frames for them. I is very nice to have my boys up and out to see...

The frames are from Ourban Outbitters, but today in Tiger I saw some that looked the same but at a even better price. Think I will buy some and frame some of my own pictures.

I want for New Years or antoher great party // Stylein

I have actually today bought my New Years dress - and it is not this one.. But oh I would really like to have this one from Stylein as well, maybe for next year or another nice occasion. The style have a bit of the 20'es that I am totally into at the moment.

I wish for Christmas // Rolf Candlesticks

I have one of these beautiful candlesticks, that I got as a birthday gift two years ago. But I have an idea that it would be amassing if I could almost have a forest of them. So by that, I really wish to get a couple more for Christmas.

Is too much ever enough?

HEY YOU! Why are you sold out in my size? Damn! This feather/glitter jacket from Topshop unique is SO COOL!
source: topshop.com

All I want for christmas // Valentino clutch-bag

Sorry you have to hear more about my bag-craving. But this LOVELY LOVELY Valentino bag has not left my mind since I saw it in London. Please move into my wardrobe ASAP!

19 Dec 2011

New Fur // Vintage from PRAG

I is not really true that it is completely new - I have had it in the closet sins the end of the summer, but it is just now that I have starting to use it. Love furs and have for a long time wanted to get something like this. When I found it I bought it straight away - otherwise you never know when you find one like it again.

19122011 //

Meeting late a work today and has to buy a least one Christmas present before the day is gone.. After work I will go to Anne Munnecke and her arts group's exhibition at Vesterbro.

Wearing, Dries van Noten cardigan, H&M tee, Joseph leather pants and Haider Ackermann boots.

I wish for Christmas // Bleyle panties

My favorite underwear is from the German brand Bleyle. I love the lace the makes it very sexy, but at the same time it is cut is very old-fashion - a good mixture. These are my favorite panties which I always can use some more of.

18 Dec 2011

Statement necklace

uh uh uh.. Mmmm.. LOVE THIS NECLACE! Great look.
source: thesartorialist.com

18122011 //

Wow this is the most civilised I have been for days. I still have a cold but today I can do some of the thing at home that I had in mind for my weekend - Do the laundry and clean up my apartment. Yup Yup..
Just came out of the shower, so no bare feet after this.. I am wearing Marni cardigan, H&M silk tee and Tiger of Sweden jeans.

Boardwalk Empire // Dreaming of the 20'es

My best friend the last couple of days with sickness have been Boardwalk Empire - And besides the story, I am also very into the costumes.. Everything is so perfect and you feel like you could be there yourself. I would like to walk down the road with a man fully dressed as in the 1920'es and I would love to look like this..