30 May 2012

26052012 // Little baby J

Saturday I went to Lisa to celebrate her beautiful tommy and the little boy that is inside. She had Sex and the City theme so of course it was time to bring out the cocktail dress just like all the girls would have done. For the first time I was wearing this dress with the belt, otherwise I like I it to flow. Proenza Schouler dress, Marni//H&M necklace and Louboutin shoes.

29 May 2012

29052012 // mummy's wardrobe

I never bring much clothes when I visit my parents, so today I was borrowing some items from my Mummy's wardrobe. So that's what I'm wearing. Today I met up with Danielle, my former roomie, we had so much fun when we shared the flat. I'm always looking forward to see her and I really appreciate to talk since she know me so well.
Tomorrow I'm back in CPH. I'm looking forward to a work-event tomorrow evening.


I love The Horse Riders Journal! This issue I have a special strong feeling for. The article from Le Saut Hermes I worked on with Chris Pedersen for three months, before Susanne Madsen went to Paris to join the beautiful event and visit the saddle workshop. I'm so very happy with the lovely, funny and smart article she wrote - I really like her writing style and on top of that the article looks amazing. I love to work with these projects and I wanna send a big thanks for the very good teamwork with all you guys at The Horse Riders Journal.
Psst.. Emelie Johansson made a the most beautiful fashion-horse-spread, you need to check out.


24052012 // costume

I am a little behind on all the nice outfits that I have had on the last days.. This one is from the Costume party and it was the first time I had my fabulous Louis Vuitton SS11 shoes on; Yes they where as tall as they look, and they are mostly for standing. I had a Vintage dress on and Marni//H&M necklace.


Remember I talked about my new pants from Zara which reminded my of my old Adidas from the 90'?? I found my brothers old shorts from Adidas today.. They are kind of big but quite cool anyway. I'm enjoying my mini holiday here at my parents, the weather has been amazing and the fact that it's so relaxing to be around my family is really good for me. Hope you had a good great holiday too.
Wearing: PICO shoes, H&M shirt and belt and the famous Adidas shorts

28 May 2012


My beloved younger brother lives at the countryside, totally the opposite of me - but I really like to visit his beautiful home.
I went with my family today and we had a lovely lunch together in the middle of the nature, with a view over the sea, how amazing. I need to go visit him more often, cause at his place the only thing you can do is relax.
Wearing: shorts+jacket H&M, COS tee and River Island sandals.

27 May 2012

26052012 // the baby-shower

My dear friend hosted a baby-shower for her not-yet-born son… we can't wait to meet him. But we have to wait a little while. It was a very great evening, so much nice food incl. fried chicken (very Sex and the City-ish). All the ladies looked fab and we had so much fun. Thanks to you Love for a brilliant evening.
OH LA LA yummi-mummi was wearing gold Prada heels - cooooooool!!
Wearing: H&M dress (super old), Marni at H&M necklace and Alaia booties.


wiiii… goodie bag. The one they gave us at the Costume party was quite nice. I really like to try new products - so I might give you a report on some of the goods. OH there were some chocolate too, don't know there that went.. hehe.

25 May 2012

24052012 // my neon heels

This was my outfit last night at Costumes birthday party. It was a great night. It was my first night without tights - how lovely, the summer is here.. wiiii - let's kiss it and enjoy every minute.



What a birthday blast COSTUME hosted yesterday at Kunst-industri museum! It was so much fun. The weather was lovely and warm and it seemed like all the guests was in a very good mood. I don't know what it is with Costumes parties, we always start out looking sophisticated and for some reason at the end of the night, when the DJ start playing the music nobody will admit they like, everybody ends up going crazy at the dance floor.. 
It's just the best and the most fun. Congratulation Costume!! We love you.

22 May 2012

22052012 // The King Garden

Second day with shorts, and yes my legs need some sun.. I was in the Kings Garden a couple of hours with a friend after work. Wearing Marni//H&M necklace, Zara shirt, Only pants and Louis Vuitton shoes.

20 May 2012

20052012 // sunny sunday

What a great weekend. Had the best night with Sabine last night with dinner and wine. It's like my mood it's much better now, the sun is shining and the summer is coming now.. wiiii. Today I have been celebrating sweet Thea's birthday. She is so cool, we were invited to cake and coffee and there was so many different kinds all homemade!! Trust me if it was me, I would invite you to Nescafe and shake'n'bake cake. It was a lovely afternoon. Well Well love-birds enjoy your sunday evening.
Wearing: H&M top, Forever 21 jeans (I tie dye'ed them myself) and Hermes shoes.

13 May 2012


Hi gorgeous people. Guess what; I'm off this weekend, YAY!… but got a cold, BUUUHH! So I have no voice (which I know some people appreciate.. hehe). But friday night I went out for dinner and drinks with Sara and Thea. I was wearing these super sporty pants (reminds me of my Adidas pants from 1997) - I would normally go for a bit tighter outfit, but these pants are super comfy after a looooong work day. I got them in London last weekend at Zara. My purple jacket is very old; Dries van Noten AW07 and my black silk top is also from Dries, same season I think. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Press // from Filippa K dinner

Look what I found at the Filippa K facebook site. I think they are really nice - It is me together with Karl-Oskar from Wood Wood..
The photos is taken by Sima Korenivsk.


I want // Noir dress

A more feminine wish; I love the bag of this dress! And I would love to have this on for at summer party... I reminds me of a pail colored dress that I got from Haider Ackermann, which I never wear because it is to bar on the bag and in the the sides. But I was so beautiful and it have a decoration with the strings just like this.

I want // Our Legacy shirt

Yep I know it is a men's shirt, but I think it is so cool and a bit funny.. I am sure I could work it with a skinny pair of jeans.... High heels and flats.!

10 May 2012


COVER just do events better!! This time with Filippa K at Les Trois Cochons. WAUW it was a great night. The locations is beautiful (the food is delicious!! so go book a table now!) and we were surrounded by fabulous people. We had a lovely night, so thanks to all you rockstars who did the night to one of the greatest lately.
Susanne Rützou, Malene Malling and Pernille Teisbæk
Peter Bundgaard and Nikolaj Hübbe
Swedish blogger Columbine and Malin Buska
Chris Pedersen and Bjørg Finsen