8 Aug 2012

Nué note // Cover

Yesterday the fashion week had it small baby steps and we started out the a small reception at Nué note to celebrate the collaboration that they had made together with Cover and Master card where you can get a small wallet if you buy Cover with a Mastercard at 7/11. I was a nice start to the up-coming fashion week; a little bit of champagne and a little macaroon.
Michael Kors jacket, H&M tee, Zara shorts, Nowhere shoes and Stella McCartney bag
Nikolaj Hübbe and Malene Malling
Marni dress, vintage belt, H&M pants and bracelets and Louis Vuitton sandals


This picture is from Friday last week - A T-shirt project with Witamin Water and A Question Of, showed at Vess at Vesterbro. Very cozy night.
In Zara blouse ans pants, Hermès bracelet and shoes and Stella McCartney bag

20 Jun 2012

Cruise ´13

I have been looking at some of the cruise collection and there are some looks that I would love to get, and some that I get really inspired by...
I will say that this the only look that I really likes from the Louis Vuitton Cruise collection. But Oh I like is so. I have become really into looking a bit innocent with the pail colors and this dress is just so cute!!
What can I say; relaxed and cool. I would love to live a place where I would wear open high heel all the time. Just love this look from Proenza Schouler
I am not that much into the exact look by Céline, but I can't help get inspired by the way that they have mixed all the patterns together. I have to get some more of that in my closet. 

19 Jun 2012


I have never been a big fan of slingbacks - but then Elin Kling posted her new Manolo Blahnik slingbacks, and suddenly I found a new love. I think they are so simple and elegant - even though I have my Pradas (which some people might think looks alike) I thinks these slings would be nice for the summer, because they are open on the back! Not a sandal, not a pump, but something in between.
Damn it! haha
source: stylebykling.nowmanifest.com


I'm on my way to work now. Normally I'm off tuesday - but not today. My week is totally packed - which it fine. Work, work work and hanging with friends (and working) doing the weekend - BUM! That's how it is.
Wearing: Dries van noten pants (old), H&M top and Prada heels.


18 Jun 2012

New Sandals // Miu Miu

I have for a while been into this color and had an idea about getting a pair of shoes with it. So the other day I went to Birger Christensen who just have started their sale, and they had these once from MiuMiu. I could not really decide that the Friday night when I saw them, but the next day when I came to try them again there was only one pair left, and that was my size - Sign! I am really happy about them, and it is just me with the gladiator look.. Ethilia

17 Jun 2012

Louis Vuitton // Marc Jacobs

I have been away for a while - both mentally but the last days also physically. I have been busy with work, and for some days this week work in Paris... I have been in Paris to be presented for the FW collection and inspiration to the Fashion jewelry’s and Textile’s that we will be selling the next season. When we were in Paris we of course also pay a visit to the Louis Vuitton // Marc Jacobs exhibition that are running at Les Arts Décoratifs. It was so beautiful so see, and even though there was a sign with `No pictures´ we were lucky that they lets us take some, probably because we work in the firm.. Yay for that!


My aunt gave me this nail polish for my birthday last month. I normally go for stronger colors, but this one I found so pretty. The color looks like milk - I tried it on yesterday, my nails look so polished now (can I say they look healthy).
Essie nail polish - color: allure.

16 Jun 2012


Summer shoes in candy colors.. what do you think? I really like it. They are from PICO - and they make the rest of my shoe collection shine with their happy color. I can't wait to start wearing them.
Why I got two pairs?? I couldn't decide what color I liked the most.. haha


11 Jun 2012

Casual heels..

I had a super day! Been hanging out with Danielle - always fun and great. Loooove that we always have a lot of gossip - although it has only been two weeks since I saw her.
I´m wearing the white belt I found, now I also want kind of the same in black, but I have no idea where to get it from?? Beside that I´m wearing my favorite leather pants from Joseph and my shirt from Ralph Lauren, and "of course" all my beloved bling from PICO.



I have been looking for a wide belt for a while now - this morning I found this one at my parents. I bought it 7-8 years ago at an outlet. Totally forgot about it. I really think it´s useful foir the summer in the creme color. Sometimes it´s good to keep old stuff.

10 Jun 2012


Yesterday I had a blast!! 10 year anniversery with my school from my childhood. It was so much fun seeing all the guys after many year - and the evening was the most fun. ALL of you made the day GREAT! Let´s do it within 10 years again.
Just snapped this photo of Ida, Sara and me before we went for the evening party.
Wearing H&M Trend dress, belt and clutch and Louboutin shoes.

6 Jun 2012


With this hair color I have at the moment, I have to color it every 2-3 week. If I'm going to the hairdresser every time, I would feel that's all I'm doing when I'm off work. So I tried this do-it-yourself color at home. This one is from L'oreal called FERIA extra intense copper (7.46). I'm quite happy with the result - what do you think?


4 Jun 2012


Today I got this new top in H&M - I think the print is cool, kind of discrete, but all the small leopard faces are cute. You might have notes I LOVE leopard, so of course I had to get this one.. actually I got the shorts too, with the same print. Promise I will show you the set soon.


1 Jun 2012