29 Feb 2012

29022012 //

A very special date today. Lets see if the day is going to special as well.. I am going to dinner with my job tonight, so that is probably going to be fun.
Wearing Cos dress and Louis Vuitton boots.

28 Feb 2012

28022012 //

I must admit that there is a bit queried on the blog at the moment. For my sake I will say that I feel a bit lost on inspiration. I really need the summer to come now, and that even though the winter wasn’t that hard. And promise you that I soon will be back in shape.
I am off today, and as you can see is it relaxing time and working the pyjamas-look; Ann Demeulemeester cardigan, Henrik Vibskov top and H&M pants.

27 Feb 2012

Marni FW12 // Jacket

I am crazy about this jacket, love the structure, and length. I actually wish that I some day could look like her - Without feeling to overdressed. Crazy about the look.
Did I mentioned that I am looking forward to the Marni collection in H&M
Photo: The Satorialist


Craving // Bijules

Friday, before we went the Anne's party we had a little sneak peak at Storm, and look what I found!
I am very much into these two rings from Bijules, and I would love to have both. They are so nice in each special way, and they would blend perfect in with all my other jewelry. In the end if I have to those; it will probably be the big ring, because I would be too afraid of losing the nail-ring. But Oh, I am craving..

26 Feb 2012

24022012 // Anne's Birthday-party

Celebrating Anne! She and Arn had done their best to give us guest the best night. Arn was the bartender, and served us the best drinks. And Anne was the beautiful hostess, who had made so many well prepared Blinis, was around and her guests - overall they both made sure that we all had a good time. Thank you honey, the thirties look good on you! and it was such a fantastic night.
COS blouse, Joseph leather pants, Hermès bracelet and Celine shoes
Dries van Noten dress, H&M pants and Louis Vuitton shoes

23 Feb 2012

Louis Vuitton // SS12 - The blue dream

I love this picture from the Louis Vuitton SS12 campaign. Together with all the pastel colours there were just a bit dark - And oh I love the bag as well.

New top // Vintage - PRAG

The dinner with Anne and Arn Monday ended with me, Anne, a whole lot of red wine and a sleepover. Both she and I were off Tuesday, so we decided to make brunch Tuesday day and take a trip into the city to find something for her for Friday - Anne, unlike me, hates to shop. We paid a visit to PRAG where we found a very cool jacket for Anne. I however had to walk with my eyes closed; otherwise I would have gone home with a new fur or sequin-dress. I just for one second opened them and I spotted this top. Okay, with the price of only 120 it was all right.. Very nice silk, and good in clothes-crises.

22 Feb 2012

220212 // MTWTFSS - Nilia

Just came from my parents today after a very nice and cozy weekend. Continuing a bit with the coziness; spiced up by a pair of heels.
H&M shirt, tee and belt, Lee jeans, Hermès bracelet and Zara booties.


Tonight we were invited to a pre-view of the new collection from Weekday. Really nice collection; who could not use another basic piece in their wardrobe in nice quality. Excellent night, good company and very nice food.
Josephine Holm Bredsted from Insight
Nilias favourite, All about the colour at the moment
Mille and Camilla from Whynot blog
Ethilias wish, could use it for almost everything at summer...

220212 // MTWTFSS - Ethilia

Didn't really knew what to wear this morning, so it became a little mix of everything. Pretty shirt, raw pants and cool boots - Kind of liked that it was not the obvious match.
Wearing; H&M shirt, Haider Ackermann suede-pants and Zara boots

21 Feb 2012

Anne's beautiful present // Jens Alstrup Engemann

Yesterday I was invited to dinner with my very dear friends Anne and Arn. Anne has just turned 30 in the end of last year, and we actually celebrating her Friday with a Party.
I in the meantime want to show you the very nice present that Arn gave her on the day. I had introduced him to the jeweler Jens Alstrup Engemann, and he made this bracelet specially for Anne. Anne always wears bracelets, and mostly big once. So together we came up with the idea of a thick silver band, with just a little twist with the balls and a small diamante in the gold one. So sweet, beautiful, and perfect for Anne. I don’t really have to say that she is very happy for it.

20 Feb 2012

20022012 // orange

I'm still at my parents.. It's so nice and cozy. Today i met up with my former roomie. Something I always look forward to. We had a lovely lunch (..and a lot of gossip).
H&M blazer, Forever21 jeans, Zara booties, miu miu clutch and Alexander Wang sunnies.


19 Feb 2012

Elisabeth and James // FW12

I am really loving the pyjamas look that is up at the moment. And it is funny that two summers ago I did have my black pyjamas pants from H&M on all the time. Most of all because Ann Demeulemmester had made a pair with strips that looked like them, but it was also so comfortable. I am not sure I will those more pattering, but I am so on with getting more pyjamas-like shirts.. Totally love the styling of the collection.

18 Feb 2012

Backstage - The Row

Saw these two pictures from the backstage at The Row show - They are so beautiful, as well as Ashley. Of course I am crazy with the bag and I would love the Louis Vuitton shoes.. Yes I do have the shoes with the lion feet, but hey who could not live with a giraffe as well. Fantastic with the golden colour and gold swarowski stones, Craving!
Pictures by Karen Blachard


New Bracelet //

My sweet colleague Yumiko is always thinking about other people, and the other day her mind was on me. She gave me this bracelet, because she knows that I love black and gold, and a twist of rawness without it being to much. It looks a bit like one I have seen at Hermès, but I actually like that the luck is so small. Thank you so much, you are a sweetheart.

NPA // magazine

Since it's rainy today, me and my IPad are having a cozy time at my parents. I just saw the new net-a-porter.com magazine. There are some nice trips in it (+ a mini interview with Victoria Beckham). But I especially like the part with their favorit blogs - I love finding new blogs for inspiration. Check them you..


Wow at work today Sabine and I had a great project; FUR!! This is pretty new for me, I don't know a lot about fur.. But I'm learning. Birger Christensen has the best fur in the world, and the staff are so professional. They make fur coats in their own workshop on the first floor. We tried a lot of fur, I will show you some of a pictures we took when they are ready, and I must say after an amazing training last week with the manager I can see that there is a big different between fur and fur. If you like fur this is LA-LA-LAND! You should go at see the amazing collection. The quality is out of this world.

17 Feb 2012

Craving long flowing dresses //

Yep, I am back with my fascination of the Jak & Jil blog. When I saw these pictures I totally refund my craving for wearing long flowing dresses. I can feel a bit to dress up when I wear it in Copenhagen, something that I don't think about when I am out of town - But that I have to get over with because I want to look just as perfect as her, and she is wearing flats just as I love to.

16 Feb 2012

Armani // beauty

I´m not the kind of girl with a huge beauty-box. I keeps it very simple (+ red lipstick..he he). But now I got these beautiful Armani products from my sweet friend... and I LOVE it! The quality and the amazing black packings. Mmm.. It looks so delicate (the pictures are taken before I started to use it). So maybe I got a new craving.. OH NO!!


15022012 // Brussels

I am sorry; I don't really have any picture from neither Brussels nor Antwerp. Tuesday, Marco and I took a trip to Antwerp, where a got to see the Dries van Noten and Ann Demeulemeester store. I will say that I prefer the Dries van Noten stores in Paris, but was really into the Ann Demeulemeester store. Love that it is so big and open. Of course I fell in love with a top from her, but they didn’t had it in my size - Maybe that was for the best, even though I hope to find it another place..
This picture is from yesterday, just before going to work and it was raining.
Vintage fur, maybe you can see that my Rick Owens jacket is underneath, Lee jeans and Louis Vuitton shoes.

15 Feb 2012

ZARA - give me more

What a day.. I'm so tired. I woke up early, couldn't sleep. I'm working on some different very exciting project at the moment, which I really love - I will keep you guys posted when I know more about it.
Well before I go to bed, I just neeeeeed to show you the new Zara lookbook. Uhhh the black dress would suit my wardrobe very nicely! LOVELY!


New sandals // Louis Vuitton

I heard a theory on work; That women prepares for the new season and buys thing that they can't use the first couple of months. And men only look at what they need right now at this moment. I can't speak for all men, but I can differently say that I fit the theory about the women. Hereby I have just shown you my new summer skirt, and next is the first pair of sandals I have bought for the upcoming summer..
- I had the Copenhagen store to order this pair of sandals for me, because it for some reason is not in their collection for the store. I saw them in Paris, and totally fell in love. I really like the monogram vernis colours, but a whole big bag can maybe be to much for me with the lacquer, here it is just the perfect amount and I get three colours in one. It is also perfect with it clutch that I bought in Paris -without it being matching matching..

14 Feb 2012

I want // Sophie Bille Brahe bracelet

I have just seen this bracelet and I am in love. Sophie Bille Brahe is one of my favourite jewellery designers - Unfortunately I don't have anything from her yet because it have been to expensive what I have wanted.. Maybe this bracelet. Well, Not tomorrow (don't worry bank-man), but maybe in time..
Or somebody... It is Valentines day - Wish you all the best day, mine have been.

13 Feb 2012

13022012 // Black BoHo

Tomorrow I am going to Brussels. The first day I am spending with my friend Marco, who also was so sweet to come to Paris when I was there last month. And Wednesday I am working on a course. I am really looking forward to see Brussels, that I have never been to before - And maybe Marco and I will go to Antwerp as well. Okay I would really like that, because this is where some of my favorite brands come from, and I have never been there either. I would so much love to go to the Ann Demeulemeester store.

Today I am wearing an outfit inspired by Rachel Zoe with the trousers; Ann Demeulemeester top and H&M pants.

Rachel Zoe // FW12

I really love Rachel Zoe's style - And I totally love this collection. You can for sure see that it is so much her.
I am crazy about the long dress, well I would love it in a black, but otherwise so cool. Of course the long knit would fit perfect into my wardrobe, and then I would love it if I had a opportunity to wear the last outfit - So beautiful!

12 Feb 2012

12022012 //

Totally lazy today.. Now trying to look a bit nice. I am wearing a H&M shirt that I have had for some time, but never used because I have realised that I have so many blue tops in that exact blue colour. For a while I was sure that I would return it, but in the end; what ever, I am sure that I will be happy about this one also.
Wearing; H&M shirt, Louis Vuitton pants and Convers shoes.