7 Feb 2012

New // Céline bag

I have been looking for a new bag for a while. I needed a bag with a shoulder strap, when I travel. I like the model; Trapeze, and I really didn´t wanted another black one, so the grey colour talked to my heart.
I got this one in Birger Christensen.. and psssst they have a look-book with the styles they will receive; MY LORD I want all of them.



  1. Great blog! I am travelling to Copenhagen in a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if you could help me... Where do they sell Celine and Chloe bags in Copenhagen? :)

  2. Thank you so much!

    Celine you can get two places, in Storm at Store Regne gade 1 and Birger Christensen which you find at the main street Strøget.

    Chloe, you can find in the accessories store Kassandra at Grønnegade.

    Hope you will have a very nice trip :-)

  3. Thank you, that is very helpful! :) I am really looking forward to going to Copenhagen, it is such a lovely city. ;)

  4. Hey, can I have the model number of this exact bag if you have it please. I really want it, but they tell me now that it is only coming out in a more grained leather, rather than the soft leather on this one. Please help.

  5. Hi... I don't have the item number. Sorry. But it's a season color, and I bought it in jan/feb - so guess it's pretty sold out. I was on the waiting list for this one. Maybe you can get in on ebay.

  6. Celine bag is fabulous. I've been wanting one forever! Great post. http://www.dcharchitects.com/celinebags/