15 Feb 2012

New sandals // Louis Vuitton

I heard a theory on work; That women prepares for the new season and buys thing that they can't use the first couple of months. And men only look at what they need right now at this moment. I can't speak for all men, but I can differently say that I fit the theory about the women. Hereby I have just shown you my new summer skirt, and next is the first pair of sandals I have bought for the upcoming summer..
- I had the Copenhagen store to order this pair of sandals for me, because it for some reason is not in their collection for the store. I saw them in Paris, and totally fell in love. I really like the monogram vernis colours, but a whole big bag can maybe be to much for me with the lacquer, here it is just the perfect amount and I get three colours in one. It is also perfect with it clutch that I bought in Paris -without it being matching matching..

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