7 Feb 2012

07022012 // Leopard

I´m in the best mood today.. Can´t remember if I told you guys I´m going to Singapore next month to visit a dear friend. And vuuuhhhhh I´m bringing one of my best girls. On top of that I found out yesterday that I´m going to Hong Kong too. Good I like to travel a lot!! he he
I only have clothes in coral, mint and prints on my mind at the moment, but since it´s cold and there is snow outside, I went for a dark outfit today (with shorts) - My never ending crush for leopard is out today; tights and my favorites from Isabel Marant.
I like the mix of grey and red, feel that the booties and lipstick spice up the outfit.
Carhartt shorts, H&M tee + jacket and Isabel Marant booties.


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