31 Jan 2012

New skirt // Ann Demeulemeester - On sale

Just call me shopaholic, I know.. And the worst part is that this is not the last thing that I have bought or will buy for that case. I have for a long time kept myself away from skirts, and just stocked to dresses. But every summer I see Malene Malling with a nice, but casual silk skirt together with a cotton tee, and every time I have envied her for that look. I have also through all my time in Storm, looked at all the Ann Demeulemeester skirts to get this look, but never found one that really fit me - Until I tried this one on, and yay it was on sale..
This one has the perfect fit, and will be perfect for my effortless look that I will try to work more on..
Love the small detail that makes it more than just a plain skirt

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