5 Apr 2012

Lovely London

I'm in London.. Wup wup!! Totally classic british rainy weather - hey, what to do?! Oh yes indoor shopping.
So yesterday we went to Harrods and walked around in that area. How nice and very tempting. At the moment I have a giga crush on a Valentino bag, Prada sunnies and some balenciaga shoes.. Yeah yeah a girl can dream. All I got was a Zara dress, which is so cool btw.. And a cake from Laduree - yum yum.
The day ended with a dinner and drinks to celebrate a friends b-day.
Wearing: michael kors jacket, Céline bag, Dries van Noten scarf and new colorful bracelets from PICO.


  1. Thanks :) I also looooove it so much. and it's such a good size.