13 Mar 2012

13032012 // ELECTRIC BLUE

WUHUUUU... 15 degress, sun and I'm off work! It's totally perfect.
I just got this new clutch, my lovely grandmother made it for me "TAK MORMOR". I love the combination of print and the orange color.
As I told you guys before I'm sick of wearing black (buuut I wearing it at lot anyway, guess it's because it's easy and the fact that I have a lot) - today on the other hand has been all about electric bleu - I like it!.. and also I'm wearing some of my Marni x H&M accessories for the first time.
Spring I'm in love with you.
Zara Shirt, H&M skirt, Nowhere shoes and Marni at H&M necklace + sunnies.

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