7 Mar 2012

07032012 // Can you say Pyjamas

Yesterday, Nilia and I was at the Cover//MarnixH&M shopping evening.. And I went a little crazy! Just look at what I am wearing now - Well pyjamas I have been babbling about for long, but in pattering and with a big statement necklace. We were supposed to have some pictures from yesterday, but when it first started we ran around like hens without heads like the rest of the women, grabbing for the it items in the right size.. And YAY I got my pyjamas, both parts!!!
Marni//H&M necklace, shirt and shoes, and H&M pants. Wow it is not the often I have H&M on from head to toe.

1 comment:

  1. hej!
    om du vill sälja din pyjamas blus får du gärna maila mig.