26 Feb 2011

V1 // Jakob Boeskov

Yesterday V1 opened up with an exhibition by Jakob Boeskov called THULE - Exhibition runs to 19 March.

The Degradation of Søren Kierkegaard, and Forever.

Nilia, Rabens Saloner scarf, H&M jacket, Stine Goya top, Jackpot pants, Prada shoes. Picture, The Politicale Prisoner.

At the Museum III

Ethilia, Faliero Sarti scarf, Rick Owens jacket, Rick Owens cardigan, Cos dress, New Balance sneakers.
Picture, Forever.

Social Democratic, and The Conservative Party.

Anette Hvidt, stylist.

Mikkel Brøgger necklace.


Mikkel Grønnebæk, owner of V1 and creative director at Norse Project.

Sex Crime (Danish peoples party).

Costume National shoes with fantastic stripe-details.

When the exhibition closed, the owners of V1 turned into DJ's at Jolene.

Jesper Elg, owner of V1

Asger Carlsen, photographer and girlfriend Alexandra Archibald, singer in FaceCrimes.

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