7 Feb 2011

Gaining: FW11

The fashion week is done for this time, and I am now looking at all my pictures from the week. There were a couple more pictures that I wanted to share.

Thursday, after we were done with the Spon Diogo - show, Spalt PR and I took the time to go to Gallery - Here is who and what, I meet on my way.

Hasse Nielsen, Photographer with his very cute son Sylvester.

Henrik Vibskov sculpture.

Pelle Mathias Klysner, salesman at California Sports.

Later that day Euroman had a event at the Fillipa K store.

Unfortunately we had to rush of so quick, but I got a photo of the food that was served - It looked so nice.

Friday started for me at City hall, where Spalt PR was in charge of the list for Veronica B. Vallenes. Because the Gaia -show was straight after, and we were in charge of that also, we didn't got to see the show. But I have some pictures form the rumway-walkthrough.

One of my seatings - Manne Mortensen.


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