17 Oct 2011

17102011 // in my boots again

Well a good thing about the winter is that I can use fur and my favorit Hermes boots again, yay!
H&M jacket, Dries van noten shirt, lee pants and Hermes boots.



  1. Great boots!
    I also have these boots but I do not like wearing them over pants.
    Riding outfit is amazing on you!
    Wait to see more.

  2. Thanks.. I love them so much. I like to wear them with dresses to.

  3. I also love them. They are comfortable although the fact that it is a bit hard to take them off.
    How many years to do have them?
    I'm asking that, because I own them for a year and I have a couple of questions!
    Hope to see a combination jumping boots-dress!

  4. I have had them for 3 years.. I also want them i the rouge h or moka colour. It my favorite flat boots. I promise I will put on a dress with them soon.

  5. Here are the questions that I have:
    1. Do they need any special care?
    2. Have you put rubber sole underneath?
    3. Are they getting easy to take them off as time goes by?
    I'm not familiar with pull-on style boots. Actually this is the first pair pull-on pair of boots (apart from my wellies)
    Thanks in advance

  6. Yes I use the Hermes polish and aftercare cream in black.
    Yes I put a rubber sole underneath, in denmark it's so wet all the time so I need it.
    My boots are much softer now, so I guess they are easier pull on/off.
    Hope you can use it.

  7. I am getting a pair in black on monday and I am very excited. I read an article that says you should not wear them everyday. http://theempressofdress.blogspot.com/2011/10/hermes-jumping-boot-225000-falls-must.html Do you ? I ask because I love how you leather looks. Also could you take the kelly buckle off and wear it as a bracelet ?

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    Hi. Hmm.. I´m not wearing my boots every day, but I have used them a lot, over three years, and I think the condition is still very good, even nicer with patina. I just polish them now and then.. No you can´t really wear the strap as a bracelet, but I also have the kelly double tour bracelet, so I´, using that, so no need for me to wear the strap. My advice, you need rubber soles underneed the boots, thats the best! :) And btw LUCKY you, to get a pair, they are just beautiful (and a bit hard to get, like all Hermès item :) )

  9. Thank you for the tips ! I am calling my Dad to have him order them for me today. The Heremes SA held them for me over the week. I just hope they fit. do you know if Hermes runs small or the boots roomy. ?

  10. I'm normally a 38.5 but Hermes I'm always a 38, sometimes even a 37.5 in the sandals. So I find them a bit big in the sizes. But I like an insole in my boots, just a thin one. Let me know what you think about them, when you get them :) I would love to get a pair in another colour too, but right now I want the heeled overknee one from the aw11 show: http://ethilianilia.blogspot.com/2011/10/overknee-underknee.html
    A girl can dream ;)

  11. OMG Ethilia That was my 2 choice, I could have one or the other. I like that Défilé boot next as well. My jumping boots will be delivered wed. Thank you for your help. I will keep you posted !

  12. Cool :) looking forward to that
    BR Nilia

  13. I love them so much ! I will blog them later

  14. Wauw!!! So nice! Love love love Hermes!! I sure you will use Them a lot :)

  15. Thank you so much for answering my Questions !

  16. Hello again,

    Since I'm not really familiar with pull on style boots may I ask if you use any equipment or trick to slip out of the boots. I ask that since I see that the shaft of your boots are tighter to your leg than mine.
    Thanks a lot