25 Jun 2011

IMO // I don't know if it makes any sense

Thuersday we went to the opening of IMO´s new exhibition, I don't know if it makes any sense - I feel quite dizzy and a little drunk due to the blow. I will return with more info shortly...

It runes until July 23.

Cheryl Donegan

Swash scarf, H&M T-shirt, Joseph leatherpants, Givenchy sandals, Yves saint Laurent bag.
Cory Arcangel, Timeless Standards
Margaret Lee
Danny McDonakd, 100 Dollar Bill Towel

Margaret Lee
Zara shirt, Lee jeanes, Hermés shoes, Dries van Noten bag, H&M jacket
Margaret Lee
Virginia Overton
Eileen Quinian, Paper White and Red

Mika Tajima

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